California Life Seminars

I started this organization because formal education does not adequately prepare people for life. It is very difficult for normal people who have jobs, kids and demands on their time to get information to improve their lives. In my law practice, I have found that the difference between the “haves” and the “have-nots” is rarely intelligence or hard work. It is simply information.

The problem with traditional methods to information is that it takes forever and is expensive. Of course you can go see a lawyer, but many people do not know where to start and do not have $500 an hour to pay an attorney.

My purpose in starting this organization is to provide information and solutions to real life problems with real life solutions – through experts in their fields who provide a short one-time seminar on these issues. All of our seminars are fun and dynamic. They will attempt to answer your questions and give you resources. They are meant to provide you accurate information in a short class.

Simply put, my mission is to provide information and access to success.

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