Marina Kats Fraigun, Esq.

Fraigun Law Group is known as one of the top employment law firms in Los Angeles because we win cases for our clients and we will fight to do the same for you. Marina Kats Fraigun is the firm’s principal and founder and one of the City’s Top Female Attorneys. Marina is known for her aggressive courtroom reputation and sure footed style which is highlighted by her outstanding win record. Employment law demands you retain the best wrongful termination lawyers along with the finest gender, age and race employment discrimination attorneys. The Fraigun Law Group specializes in these areas of law including Sexual Harassment and Retaliation. We fight for our client’s rights and we understand a win will preserve your integrity and good name. Call us today, we will help you win your case and receive the compensation you rightly deserve.

Marina Kats Fraigun

Rated by Super Lawyers

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Marina Kats Fraigun

Rated by Super Lawyers

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What They Are Saying

Marina is bad ass. John Wayne and Sara Conner had a child and trained her in the art of legal warfare. Marina had me feeling vindicated after depositions. She was that good. My employer filed motion after motion hoping I would go away Marina squashed them all. When it came time for mediation she controlled the show. It was like the mediator worked for us. Every dollar was squeezed out of the other side. In the end, my moral points of pursuing a lawsuit were recognized (begrudgingly perhaps) and we ended up with a settlement that was better than I could ever imagine. If you need an employment lawyer hire Marina. If your employee has hired her, settle now.

Anthony K.Riverside

She exhibits everything I was searching for in a lawyer, competence, thoroughness, responsiveness, upfront and ethical. Rest assured, you will be in the right hands if you employ Marina Fraigun

Erin K.Los Angeles

Marina Fraigun is a Pit Bull. She is harsh, a bit patronizing, intimidating and hard core. She will not hesitate to shut you down in an instant when you are wrong or chew you up and spit you out. If she takes your case, you will win no doubt about it.

Trish H.West Hills

She’s a go-getter and she will fight for your rights. Hands down the BEST in town.

Ronald B.Woodland Hills

About Us


If you’ve come to this website, something is happening at work that you are not comfortable with. You want to know if you can or should do something about it. Our job is to answer that question. We offer free consultations!


I have been lucky enough to represent thousands of clients in all kinds of employment cases, including wrongful termination, sexual orientation, race, gender, disability, age, pregnancy discrimination and harassment, sexual harassment and all kinds of wage and hour claims.


We are a group of people who care about clients enough to tell you the truth – whether it’s positive or negative, who care enough to answer phone calls and return messages in a timely manner and talk to you until you understand.